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Tofu and Unoriginality

(Small update- sorry I haven't posted in a while, school keeps me busy. My Halloween and Thanksgiving were fun!)

So, I'm here to talk about many things, respect being one, imagination being another.

Everyone has idiosyncrasies, everyone has those little habits or whatevers that they do or think. One of my main pet-peeves is when people try to force someone to be more like them because they don't particularly like that person's originality.

Don't be like that, okay? Variety is the spice of life. Spice is vital for good taste. Don't be tofu.

For me personally, I'm the type of person who doesn't understand why I'm supposed to constantly make new friends when I have some already. Why would I want more people to worry about? And yet, sometimes I feel that the world around me is trying to force me into making as many friends as possible, no matter how comfortable I am with that. I'd much rather have a small group of friends and care about them fiercel…