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Your Best is the Best

School. Just at that word, many of you have probably conjured images of bulging backpacks, clogged-artery hallways, dry classes that drag on like stale milk, and mountains of homework that aren't even relevant to daily life. Well, I've just recently gone back to school, and yes, those things are all very true and appropriate. But, for some people, school is more than that.

Some people put so much pressure on themselves to succeed that they're drowning. They think that without that A, they'll be worthless. They're not happy when they get good grades, they're relieved. 

One of the many shortcomings of the American standardized public school system is that it puts so much emphasis on one standard idea of smart. If you fit, you're constantly trying to be the best because you think you have to. If you don't, you're left behind.

But now, I'm here to talk about the valedictorian and salutatorian. People don't realize how hard it is to do school whe…