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Vespephobia and Cleaning Spray

I am... blessed... with the ability of many, many phobias, one of the worst being Vespephobia. That's the fear of wasps.

So let me tell you the nightmarish occurrence that just occurred.

I was inside, minding my business, watching MTV like someone who's extremely bored, when I look up... and there's a big, fat wasp there.

You may be thinking "just kill it, it's just a wasp."


It is terror in the form of a small, insectoid, exoskeletal bundle of yellow and black.

LOOK AT IT. Just looking this picture up made me shudder.

Anyway, I froze. Then, like any other teenager my age... I posted it to Facebook. I got some likes and suggestions of what to do, but I just texted my mom (I was home alone, to make matters worse).

Eventually I couldn't stand crouching on the opposite side of the room from the beast, and I took the dogs and cat and remotes and ran outside. I ended up watching the TV from the window, sitting on the lawn and making sure my cat didn'…

We Are Narcissists with Self-Esteem Issues

Really, we are. Just think about it.

People are going out of their way to make sure everyone knows just how awkward, depressed, antisocial, and messed-up they are.

Hey guess what- everyone is. Everyone feels awkward. Everyone can feel depressed (although I recognize Depression as a real mental disorder, considering I have medication for it). Everyone can be antisocial. Everyone is messed-up.

Teenagers these days are all over the media, crying out in anguish as someone posts a comment that makes them feel unloved and unwanted and unspecial. I have one thing to say- grow up.

Now now, before you start closing the tab or stalking me down to tell me how rude I am, just listen. I am definitely not condoning bullying. I am strongly against it. But, you don't have to play the victim. If they can make you so miserable, find someone whom you love and let them make you happy.

If you really want to feel happy, then do it. As one of the people I look up to said, "you're the only one w…

Grey is the New Black and White

Do you have opinions?

Well, get rid of them.

Do you have preferences?

Chuck 'em.

Do you have a passion?

Not anymore.

This world is not black-and-white. You can't have anything, say anything, or do anything without offending someone. So, might as well lock yourself in your room and give up on friends.

I'm kidding. Don't do that.

But seriously, no matter what you do, someone will complain. It's ok. You aren't living to please other people. I am living (as best as I can, I'm not perfect.) to please God. And that's much easier than pleasing people.

That doesn't mean you can be a jerk, however. Love people, don't please them. Keep your values and standards, but also help those who need it. Be nice to people, but don't hesitate to do what you know is right. Don't make compromises to keep other people happy, because in the long run, you're helping them by living as an example. Don't worry if you mess up. Apologize and admit you were wro…

Just a Small-Town Girl Visiting a Broken World

I've recently gone on a church mission trip to Chicago. And boy, let me tell you... the world is a bigger place than I could ever have imagined. I didn't realize how sheltered I was until I set foot in a city filled with millions more people than I had even ever met.

I rode a train and a public bus for the first time. I was panicky on the bus, but the train was nice.

Anyway, every afternoon, we went to the Dr. King's Boys and Girls Club. I am not a little kid person (or any type of people person, to be honest), but... these kids, they got into my heart. The first day, I was watching Kung Fu Panda with them, and this little girl named Savannah plopped her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. We ended up becoming best friends, one would even say "chuchos." (inside joke.)

I met so many other kids. At first, I thought they all hated us. We were a group of white kids, a vast minority, considering we were the only white people in the building. It felt good to be a mino…

A House by Any Other Name's Just As Home

We're moving.

Let me just stress how tediously long this process is. I'm not moving schools, so that's a plus. My parents are both teachers and that's basically out of the question.

But seriously, we've been packing and hemming and hawing for months. It feels like nothing is getting done. I just want to get in the new house and be done.

Another thing, the emotional side of it. We've been tearing our lives out of this once-home and making it an empty shell for a new family to come and claim it. All of my individuality is currently packed into boxes in the basement of someone else's home that's supposed to be ours.

Don't get me wrong, it's exciting, but it takes so long. We bought the house like a month ago, and we aren't moving in until later this month. I'm sated with phrases of "pack your stuff, we're moving soon!" and then those boxes sit untouched in my room for weeks.

It just adds some stress into my/our already-stressf…

Let's Get This Out of the Way.

Okay, here's the guidelines to my blog:

1. I am Christian. I will post God-related things. I will not stop because you feel uncomfortable- just skip over it or leave if it bothers you that much.

2. I am an emotional teen, but I also have legitimate Depression and Anxiety. I may post some angsty stuff, but most likely I'm in a bad mood or having a bad day. Don't worry. If it's serious, I have multiple people I feel safe talking to, and I'll seek help.

3. I hate hate. Do not ever EVER use my blog for hate. Hateful comments, taking parts out of context to use as an excuse to be a jerk, or anything else is strictly PROHIBITED.

4. Follow my Instagram @slightlyobsessedwithcats and my Pinterest at please :D

5. If I offend you, either tell me respectfully why or leave.

6. This is MY blog. I post what I want. I won't post regularly, either. Whenever I feel like it.

7. Bad grammar is not allowed here.

8. Have a lovely day becau…

Hello World

So I'm not sure how this thing works and I'm up at 11 PM figuring it out. Hi.
Let's start with basics- I'm a girl, XX years old, I live in the lovely state of Wisconsin.
I like love and music and art and food.
And owls. Cats, too.
Grammar is a code I strictly abide by.
So... yep.