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I'm Sick.

I'm sick of living in a world where 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before they're even 16.

I'm sick of being told that I am no more than my body, an object of entertainment on tv and billboards to be bought and sold as men like it.

I'm sick of a world where men fear that women might threaten their masculinity, but women fear that men might threaten their life.

I'm sick of hearing people joke and throw the words rape and abuse around like baseballs when they're as heavy as concrete and hurt even more when wielded. No, I've never been raped, but i shouldn't have to to know it's wrong.

I'm sick of being powerless to fight the overbearing weight of rape culture, where girls are taught how to restrict themselves to defend themselves, but men are rarely taught not to attack.

I'm sick of the numbers that we drown in but ignore, the statistics of human beings ground into packaged pleasure, the ultimate expression of love twisted into the ultimate …