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Some Ramblings and a Story

So, I've got no real plan of where this post is going, but I want to write. So, here I go.

Next week is homecoming week. Like any girl, I just couldn't resist posting a picture of my dress. (I got it at a garage sale and it fits perfectly, YEAH)

Now now, don't peg me as a girly-girl. It's my pet-peeve. But recently I've been buying dresses and stuff, and I realized that it's not that bad. So, that's a little sneak peek into my life.

I've decided this post will be for a little story I wrote. Here we go.


I walk into the store from the chilled December air, the warm scent of old books wafting around, curling the corners of my lips like the corners of old pages. My emerald green eyes sift through the spines of hundreds of tomes. I float on the promise of stories and happily-ever-afters to my favorite section, Poetry. I've been to this little shop a hundred times, and every Wednesday at six, the boy with the pretty smile is there. I&…

All People Are Born Sinful

I remember in elementary school, I attended a program at my church called AWANA. If you've gone to a church as a child, you may be familiar with it. Anyway.

There was this kid who would sometimes go, and he was in my grade in school. To be honest, I disliked him. He was loud, rude, inappropriate, and was of the "angry, I-hate-authority" sort. (Now, I've gotten to know him a bit better, and sometimes he's kind of nice.) He told me he only went for the games.

Frankly, I was upset that he came. My thoughts were- "He shouldn't be allowed to come just for the games! He doesn't belong here!"

"He doesn't belong here."

I am very ashamed of myself for having thought that.

People who "don't belong" are exactly the people that need to belong the most. And we Christians as a whole are not doing a good job of accepting people. We've gotten to the point where we think we can turn people away from God because we think "oh, H…

Lovely Things

The day that I first saw him
I was wearing a cloud-colored dress
With a satin ribbon in the back
And a white bow in my red hair.
His sapphire gaze struck me silent,
His gentle hands guided me to dance
Under the weeping willow tree
Behind my grandmother's garden.
"Beware," whispered I so quietly,
"I have a weakness for lovely things."
His grin made me feel faint,
His eloquent reply more so-
"And I, for things of beauty, for
None is more beautiful than you."
We oft would run hand-in-hand
Behind that old weeping tree,
He would sneak a kiss or two
Upon my rosy, blushing cheeks.
My lover of the gilded summer,
He kept me dreaming all day,
His hay-colored hair that hides
His lovely sky-colored eyes.
This lover of beauty, my dreamer,
Wished on shooting stars all night.
As the leaves started to slowly die
And dance their way to the ground,
I spied my love in the schoolyard
Holding the hand of another girl.
My heart was aghast at this scene
And it cracked slowl…